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New round of talks between farmers and governments on three laws today


Farmers protesting for more than a month to demand the removal of three farm laws will hold their eighth round of negotiations with the government on Friday. The government has refused to repeal laws that farmers say will affect their income; the latest round of talks on January 4 failed to end the deadlock.

On Friday, thousands of farmers staged a tractor march from their camps on the Delhi borders to converge on the Kundli-Manesar-Palwal highway, ahead of a planned march to the capital on Republic Day.

“There are media reports circulating that the government has made a new proposal. There is no such thing. This is a game to divert media attention from our successful tractor march today, ”said Yogendra Yadav from Swaraj India and leader of the farmers’ agitation.

In the seventh round of talks on January 4, as farmers lobbied the government to repeal the three agricultural laws passed by Parliament in September, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said it was not possible to commit to a repeal.

“… we are again reminding the government before tomorrow’s meeting that these laws must be repealed entirely and the remunerative MSP must become a legal right of all farmers,” said Darshan Pal, a farmer leader.

“… the agitation of farmers will continue and we will enter the capital to celebrate Republic Day without disturbing the official parade if our demands are not met,” said Avik Saha, secretary of the All India Coordination Committee Kisan Sangharsh.

“The government is ready to meet all the demands. But the farmers are now saying to repeal the laws … I think the farmers’ unions don’t want a solution. I think his plan is something else, ”said BJP Punjab leader Surjit Kumar Jyani after meeting with Interior Minister Amit Shah.

Analysts say the government and farmers must find a middle ground. “Repeal of the laws has to be a political decision, but it is possible to devise mechanisms such as price deficiency payments …” said RS Mani, former economist at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.

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