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LG Announces Fresh Industrial Package of Rs 28K crore for Jammu and Kashmir | India News


SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir Deputy Governor Manoj Sinha announced on Thursday a 28,400 crore industrial development package for 2021, aimed at attracting investments of 20,000 crore and creating 4.5 lakhs of jobs in the Union territory.
“The Union cabinet sanctioned the package on January 6 … It will remain in force for 17 years,” he said.
The package is a great relief for industrialists and will cover manufacturing industries and the service sector, mainly tourism and information technology. New entrepreneurs will get investment incentives in terms of capital at low interest.
“This is a historic industrial package. It will give the J&K economy new momentum and lead UT towards growth and sustainable development, ”said L-Sinha.
LG also stated that its management is working on developing a long-term and short-term strategy to optimize J & K’s energy infrastructure.
Sinha further revealed that J&K has earned the top spot on the road connectivity front. “In 2023, the people of J&K will travel by subway for the first time,” he added.
On inquiries about the Lawyapora meeting on December 30, Sinha said: “Let me tell you that J&K is a very sensitive UT. I have written down all the versions, including the one of the forces and the families [of the slain trio]. I will present the facts to you at the appropriate time. ”
The families of the three murdered youths, identified as ‘terrorists’, have repeatedly claimed that their pupils were not involved with the militancy and that the security forces had killed in a “meeting organized by the stage.”
On the restoration of 4G Internet at J&K, Sinha said that “there will be good news soon in the coming days.”

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