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Kerala and 2 other states account for 50% of new Covid cases | India News


India’s daily Covid-19 count dropped to nearly 18,500 a day after the count had crossed the 20,000 mark, even as three states continued to report more than 1,000 new infections.
On Thursday, Kerala recorded 5,051 new cases, Maharashtra 3,729 and Chhattisgrah 1,010. Although all three states reported a slight drop from the numbers recorded on Wednesday, they still accounted for 50% of all recorded cases in the country on Thursday.
Meanwhile, the Union’s health secretary has written to the governments of Maharashtra, Kerala, Chhattisgarh and Bengal about the need for “strict surveillance” and “immediate action” to stop the recent increase in Covid cases in each. of the states.
These four states account for 59% of all active Covid cases in the country, Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said in his letter. State governments were also warned not to allow testing rates to drop, particularly in light of the spread of the mutated strain of the virus said to be more infectious.
Bengal reported 921 new cases on Thursday, the fourth highest in the country and a slight increase from the numbers recorded in the state in the past six days. However, overall, cases appear to be declining in Bengal compared to the figures reported last week.
There were 231 deaths in India on Thursday, roughly the same as the number of victims the day before (228). Maharashtra continued to record the highest deaths, 72 on Thursday, followed by Kerala (25), Delhi (19) and Bengal (18).

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