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India Prepares to Balance Vaccine Diplomacy with Local Demand | India News


NEW DELHI: With the launch of the Covid vaccine scheduled for next week, the government it is preparing to walk the delicate tightrope between vaccine diplomacy and the prioritization of Indian citizens.
International partners like Brazil and South Africa, among others, are making their way through the door. The Government of India has clarified that there is no ban or restriction on the export of vaccines. But it is clear that the first priority would be to vaccinate Indian citizens. High-level sources said the first group of countries to receive the vaccine would be their immediate neighbors: Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Maldives and Sri Lanka. “It makes no sense for indigenous people to get vaccinated, without our neighbors being vaccinated as well,” authorities said.
Indeed, on Wednesday in Colombo, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said: “We are now considering post-Covid cooperation and I take with me Sri Lanka’s interest in accessing vaccines from India and shared it with the Honorable Minister of Foreign Relations, as PM Modi has said, India sees international cooperation in this area as its duty. ”

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