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‘He will walk to the gallows’: Mamata Banerjee’s nephew in the mockery of ‘Tolabaj’


Trinamool MP Abhishek Banerjee responded on Thursday to the extortion allegations made against him by the BJP, saying that if the charges against him are proven, the opposition party will not have to do much as it “will walk to the Gallow”.

Since October last year, BJP state and national leaders, including Union Interior Minister Amit Shah, have singled out Banerjee in their speeches, calling him “tolabaaj bhaipo” (extortionist nephew in Bengali) and accusing him of accumulating wealth. by unfair means.

“Let the Central Directorate of Investigations and Compliance carry out an investigation. If it is proven that I have made a penny from corruption, you will not have to do anything. I will voluntarily walk up to the gallows and hang myself, ”Banerjee said to loud applause at a well-attended TMC rally in Gangarampur in the South Dinajpur district of North Bengal.

After defecting from Trinamool last month, former minister Suvendu Adhikari has stepped up the attack on Mamata Banerjee’s nephew.

“You don’t have the courage to take my name and always refer to me as bhaipo so that I can’t sue you in court. You call me tolabaaj but it is you who was seen in the video (of Narada’s sting operation) accepting money, ”Banerjee said without naming Adhikari.

In reaction to Banerjee’s comments, Adhikari, while addressing a rally at Tamluk in East Midnapore later in the afternoon, said: “The tolabaaj bhaipo has to tell people why all government contracts are awarded to some people. specific in Calcutta and what is the source of its prosperity. Even the school bags and bicycles given to students are so deficient that they must be repaired before use. ”

“Despite all the criticism they face, the leaders of the CPI (M) and the left did a great job. The TMC ruined everything. In the education sector, for example, the appointment of teachers has been stopped and corruption has infiltrated, ”said Adhikari.

Making a radical statement, Adhikari said that not all leaders of TMC-led civic bodies in East Midnapore should be included in the BJP. “I personally know that some of them have made millions through corruption.”

Labeling the national leaders of the BJP as “outsiders,” Banerjee said, “they do not speak or understand Bengali and do not know the history and culture of Bengal.”

“Bengal will not bow to Gujarat. No one can teach us (Bengali) patriotism, ”Banerjee said.

The leader targeted the BJP on a number of issues, ranging from the Doklam standoff and demonetization to corruption.

“Four years have passed since we had the demonetization. India’s GDP has dropped from 8% to at least 4%. Who will answer for that? ” he said.

“Before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Modi said that he will spare no criminal and corrupt and now the BJP is recruiting all thieves. Before the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, Modi gave a lengthy speech about Pulwama. We also want the Center to squash the threats posed by Pakistan. But why are Modi and Amit Shah silent on China? Banerjee said.

“Mamata Banerjee used to live in a house with a tile roof and wore a white sari and Hawaiian chappal (sandals) before coming to power in 2011. She still lives the same life. On the other hand, Modi, who used to drive a car worth Rs 10 lakh before 2014, now travels in a bulletproof car worth Rs 6 crore, ”Banerjee said.

He also called the son of the BJP national secretary general, Kailash Vijayvargiya, Akash, and the BJP state president, Dilip Ghosh, “goonda” (ruffian) taking their names.

Banerjee is on a five-day tour of North Bengal’s districts, where the BJP won seven of the region’s eight Lok Sabha seats in 2019 and now represents a challenge to the ruling party. He is visiting the area to address the infighting and organizational issues plaguing the TMC.

In 2019, the TMC count in the Lok Sabha dropped from 34 seats to 22. In terms of the 56 assembly segments in the eight seats of the Lok Sabha in North Bengal, the BJP was ahead of the TMC by 35.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also spent three days in North Bengal in mid-December. BJP leaders at both the state and national levels, including National President JP Nadda, also often camp in North Bengal.

The West Bengal assembly has 294 seats and Amit Shah has declared that the BJP will overthrow the TMC government by winning more than 200 seats.

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