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Haryana will conduct a Covid-19 vaccine trial today, one day before the national exercise


Haryana is conducting a test, a simulation of the actual execution of the Covid-19 vaccine launch, on Thursday. This is being done to ensure efficient planning and management of the immunization process which is expected to begin in a few days.

At Gurugram, where a vaccination test will be conducted at six session locations, the World Health Organization regional director of emergencies, Dr. Rodrico Ofrin, is likely to visit two locations: Bhangrola and Wazirabad.

Bhangrola is a rural area, and the drill takes place in a primary health center. Wazirabad, on the other hand, is an urban area, where the unit will take place in a government primary school.

The tour will begin at 11 a.m. M. In all places simultaneously and is likely to continue until 1 pm. M.

As the drill will take place in 22 districts on Thursday, the Union Ministry of Health has exempted Haryana from the nationwide mass drill to be held on January 8 in all states and territories. of the Union.

Each district in the country has been asked to identify three types of session sites, similar to the previous trial conducted on January 2, including a public health center (district hospital / medical school), a private health center, and rural or urban extension sites. the Union’s health ministry said Wednesday.

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan will meet with health ministers from the union’s states and territories on Thursday to guide them in conducting the trial.

All vaccination campaign planning, including beneficiary registration, micro-planning, and vaccination at the planned session location, will be tested under the leadership of the District Collector or District Magistrate during testing.

The trial will also familiarize state, district, block and hospital officials with all aspects of the Covid vaccine launch.

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