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Government prepares Covid-19 vaccine transport module, movement that will begin soon | India News


NEW DELHI: government has prepared a detailed draft for the air transportation of Covid-19 vaccines and the movement of the vaccine to different parts of the country is likely to start today or tomorrow.
“For the transport of the vaccine throughout the country, a common draft has been prepared. It will be shared with interested parties shortly. It is likely that the transport of the vaccine will begin today or tomorrow,” said government sources.
The Covidvaccine transport module has been finalized by the Government of India.
Sources indicated that Pune will be the central hub from where the vaccine will be distributed. Passenger planes will be able to carry vaccines in the belly of the aircraft carrier. Since the Pune airport is under the Indian Air Force, they too will be part of it, “the sources said.
The government has created several mini-hubs in the country to transport the Covid vaccine. “There are a total of 41 destinations (airports) throughout the country completed for the delivery of vaccines,” added the sources.
For North India, Delhi and Karnal will become mini-hubs. For the eastern region, Kolkata and Guwahati will be the mini-distribution center. Guwahati will also be a nodal point for the northeast. Chennai and Hyderabad will be the designated points for South India, “said sources from the Aviation Ministry.
An internal meeting has already been held with various stakeholders and the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Health with Freight and Airport operators on the transportation of Covid vaccines throughout the country.

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