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Deadline to claim refunds for trains canceled between March 21 and June 31 of last year extended to 9 months | India News


NEW DELHI: The Ministry of Railways has extended the deadline for the cancellation of counter tickets for train travel between March 21 and June 31, 2020 from the current six months to nine months in light of the coronavirus crisis.
The ministry had previously extended the facilities from three days to six months when the coronavirus pandemic caused the cancellation of all regular trains.
“The Ministry of Railways has decided to extend the time limit beyond six months and up to nine months from the date of travel for the cancellation of tickets from the PRS counter and the refund of the fare at the reservation counters for the period travel from March 21, 2020 to June 7, 2020 It is applicable only for trains with regular schedules canceled by Railways, “the ministry said in a statement.
“After a lapse of six months from the date of travel, many passengers may have deposited the tickets with the Zonal Rail Claims Office through TDR or through a blanket application along with the original tickets. full refund of the fare on such PRS counter tickets for those passengers, “it read.
Shortly after the closure was announced in March and regular train services were suspended due to the pandemic, the time limit for ticket cancellation was extended from three days to three months and in May it was extended to six months.
This was done to restrict the number of passengers at the counters and prevent the transmission of the coronavirus.

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