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BSP had zero donations in ’19 -20, NCP got 60crore | India News


NEW DELHI: Of the two national parties whose contribution reports for 2019-20 were made public by the Electoral Commission (EC) on Tuesday, the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has again declared ‘null’ donations above 20,000 rupees. , while donations to the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) soared to Rs 59.9 crore, almost five times more Rs 12 crore than it received in 2018-19.
Among the major donors to NCP, which took over as part of a coalition in Maharashtra, were BG Shirke Construction Technology Pvt Ltd (25 million rupees), Panchshil Corporate Park Pvt Ltd (7.5 million rupees), the manufacturer of Covid-19 Serum Institute of India (Rs 3 crore) and Finolex Industries Ltd (Rs 1.2 crore) vaccines. Only one electoral trust, the Harmony Electoral Trust, contributed to the NCP (1.5 million rupees).
Contribution reports from other national parties – BJP, Congress, CPI, CPM, and Trinamool Congress – are not yet available on the Commission’s website.
Among the regional parties whose annual contributions for 2019-20 were uploaded to the EC website, AIADMK placed their donations above Rs 20,000 to Rs 52.1 million. This included Rs 46.8 crore (94% of contributions received by the party) donated by the Progressive Electoral Trust controlled by the Tata Group. Its local rival DMK has declared contributions of Rs 48.3 crore, of which Rs 45.5 crore or 93% come from election bonds.
The Progressive Electoral Trust also contributed Rs 25.3 crore to Biju Janata Dal (BJD) in 2019-20, which accounted for more than 89% of its revenue that year. Between AIADMK and BJD, the Progressive Electoral Trust, which was the largest donor among electoral trusts in 2018-19, contributed Rs 72 million.
JD (U) declared donations in excess of Rs 20,000 to Rs 6 million, of which Rs 1.2 million (20%) came from Samaj Electoral Trust, which also donated Rs 1.5 million to Rashtriya Lok Dal.
Prudent Electoral Trust contributed Rs 1 crore each to Shiromani Akali Dal and LJP, while Triumph Electoral Trust donated Rs 1 crore to the Telugu Desam Party

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