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Vax by bike: UP cold chain manipulator in hot water | India News


VARANASI: District health officials jumped into action Tuesday after images went viral on social media showing the ‘vaccine’ arriving at an inoculation center by bicycle during the statewide trial.
The medical director, Dr. VB Singh, requested an explanation from the cold chain operator for the “ lapse ”, as the center in question, the Chaukaghat Government Women’s Hospital, was not scheduled to supply of vaccines because I already had the proper doses in storage.
Just before the start of the drill at GWH, a man arrived there with four boxes of cold chains on a bicycle, but was prevented from entering the hospital by security personnel. When he revealed that he had brought boxes of fake vaccines from Chaukaghat CHC, the designated storage facility for the Covid vaccine with three ice-lined refrigerators (ILRs), health officials jumped into action.
The statewide trial was conducted at GWH, CHC Shivpur, Heritage Hospital in urban areas, and PHC Hathi Bazar, CHC Misirpur and PHC Pindra in the rural belt. The Marketing Director and the Additional Marketing Director, Dr. Sanjay Rai, arrived at GWH at 10 am to monitor the trial conducted under the supervision of the hospital superintendent, Dr. Mini Srivastava.
Authorities said a 12-member team consisting of doctors, paramedics and health personnel was deployed to each of the six centers. The drill ran until 3pm.

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