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Uttarakhand will conduct a second trial for the vaccine launch at 10 stations in each district on January 8


After the challenges faced during the first trial for the vaccination campaign in the state, the government of Uttarakhand has announced a second trial process to be carried out across the state on January 8.

Chief Secretary Om Prakash, while conducting a meeting to review preparations for the Covid-19 vaccination on Tuesday, reported that a test for the vaccination process will be conducted across the state on January 8.

“The districts have made all the necessary preparations for vaccination. The drill will be held on January 8 in ten booths in each district. The entire vaccination process must be widely publicized and the deployment of officers must also be ensured to organize the logistics of the cold chain and the monitoring of vaccination sites, ”said the Secretary General.

He added that Internet connectivity must be guaranteed at vaccination sites.

“In areas where there is a problem reaching the beneficiary due to lack of network connectivity or due to lack of registration, block level officials should spread awareness such as the electoral process. Ensure that all the necessary information is sent to the beneficiary ”, he added.

Kuldeep Singh Martoliya, Nodal Officer for Covid-19 Vaccination, said that on the day of the first test (January 3) for the vaccination process, healthcare workers faced challenges while using the CoWin mobile app.

“The main challenge we faced was the information technology issues when using the CoWin app, where the details of the candidate vaccines must be uploaded during the process. Initially, our healthcare workers were unable to upload all the details due to app usage and connectivity issues, but it was gradually resolved. However, to avoid this type of incident during the vaccination process itself, we are making vaccination cards, where the details will be written down and then they will be uploaded to the central government portal, ”said Martoliya.

Vaccination cards are being drawn up taking into account the topography of Uttarakhand, internet or mobile connection is not always guaranteed in mountainous areas. He further said that currently around 3,000 health workers have been trained on how to administer the vaccine and more nurses, medical professionals from government and private hospitals will receive training in the future as needed.

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