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People have rejected the ‘lies and hypocrisy’ of the opposition: BJP | India News


NEW DELHI: The BJP said Wednesday that people have rejected the opposition’s policy of “lies and hypocrisy” as it cited the results of the recent Karnataka gram panchayat poll to assert that voters have placed their faith in the agenda Development Minister Narendra Modi.
In a press conference, BJP spokesman and Rajya Sabha member Rajeev Chandrasekhar alleged that opposition parties have been trying to incite citizen groups as he referred to farmers’ protest against three agricultural laws and also to the earlier agitation against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act.
Noting that he is speaking in the context of a series of elections in the southern state, he said that the BJP has been winning them, whether in electoral assemblies or MLC elections or in recent polls by rural bodies.
This “overwhelming” mandate in favor of the BJP against the policy of “lies and hypocrisy” of some opposition parties shows the people’s confidence in the leadership of Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister BS Yediyurappa, he said.
People have supported the measures taken by the central government for the agricultural sector, he said.
The BJP leader added that the government is sincere in its talks with farmers’ unions to end their protests and said that the commitment to farmers is an “article of faith” for the party.
More than 55.4 percent of gram panchayats in the state are supported by the BJP and 53 percent of members are supporters of the BJP, he claimed.
This result has occurred in the context of “falsehoods” by opposition parties to deceive farmers, he said.
Since the BJP came to power in the Center, the party won 14 out of 17 assemblies by vote and was victorious in all four MLC seat elections, he said.
Amid protests by farmers, thousands of whom have been waving on Delhi’s borders, and the support of opposition parties for them, the BJP has cited results in several elections across the country to assert that the laws farmers have the support of a large majority of farmers.
Chandrasekhar said that the message that the people of the country have given over and over again is that they want development and governance and they trust Prime Minister Modi.

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