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Government will begin surveys of domestic and migrant personnel for March | India News


NEW DELHI: The government is expected to launch the All India Migrant Workers Survey and the All India Domestic Workers Survey by the first week of March this year. Senior Labor Ministry officials said YOU that the survey framework – their sample size and questionnaire – has been completed and the labor office will spend the next month training the researchers who will conduct the field surveys.
While the survey of migrant workers will provide authentic estimates of the number of migrant workers in the country, as well as assessing the problems they face, the survey of domestic workers, who make up about 4% of India’s working population, is the first of its kind. exercise that will identify the concerns they face and help the government formulate policies to improve their conditions.

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According to the 2016 Economic Survey, the migrant labor force in India exceeds Rs 10 crore. They are important contributors to the national economy. However, sadly, they are also invisible and denied the benefits of a welfare state. This is a long overdue and much needed census that will help the government formulate appropriate policies for them.

In order to obtain complete and robust information on migrant and domestic workers, the sample size of the Household and Establishment Survey has been set at approximately 1.25 lakh. Questions will also be available in nine regional languages, and feedback will be captured on digital handheld devices with preloaded questionnaires.
“We are looking for a total digitization of data. The goal is to obtain solid data that can shape future employment policies, ”said DPS Negi, chief labor commissioner and the General Directorate of Labor. He also said that the breau aims to publish its findings by October 2021. The Labor Office, Negi said, is also in the process of finalizing the Surveys of Professional Bodies and Transport Workers across India and is expected to start soon. after the worker survey.

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