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Designer Increases Focus on Trans People | India News


While she’s still trying to get used to walking in her new pair of six-inch stilettos or adjusting her bodice, Swapnil Shinde, reborn at 39 as Saisha Shinde, looks ready to outshine all the fashionistas she’s been wearing for him. last two decades.
The visibility of transgender people in the country reached new heights after Shinde, a fashion designer known for dressing Bollywood actors such as Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor and Sunny Leone, went out into the world Tuesday under a new name. and a new face as a trans woman, becoming one of the first to break ground with her trans identity in the Indian pop culture sphere. With a picture of her newly minted porcelain skin with perfectly arched eyebrows and a delicate look, a far cry from the heavy stubble and pompadour haircut that previously defined the Wadala-based designer, she shared a long note on social media where he talked about her. struggles with gender identity that led to “loneliness, pain and pressure” since childhood.
“Throughout school and college, while the kids outside tormented me because I was different, the pain inside was much worse. I felt suffocated living a reality that I knew was not mine, but that I had to stage every day due to expectations and social norms. It was only in my 20s at NIFT that I found the courage to accept my truth; I really blossomed, ”Shinde wrote, adding that she spent the next several years“ believing that I was attracted to men because I was gay, but it was only six years ago that I finally accepted myself, and today I accept you. I am not a gay man. I am a trans woman. ”
However, letting go of apprehensions and transitioning into her dreams of an appearance that matches her identity as a woman “was never black and white,” she stresses. “I had been toying with the idea for about six years, but because of the profession I’m in and the adulation Swapnil Shinde has always had, many of my friends in the industry, concerned about me, felt that I could live my life. life as a man, and behind closed doors, dress up as a woman to avoid trolling, ”says Shinde, who has the isolation induced by the pandemic to thank for making her her authentic self. “One morning, after a talk with my therapist, I decided to continue with my decision to live as a woman in full swing,” she gushes.
The opportunity to find her authentic self was important to Shinde, not only in breaking down barriers for herself, but also for others in the transgender community for whom coming out publicly remains a struggle, even as the scenario seems more optimistic for men. homosexuals. “If someone like me, who is privileged, is fighting so hard, I don’t know why the people who don’t have to be going through it. And that was one of the main reasons I came out the way I did. When browsing social media, I didn’t find anyone from India that I could look up to with a happy and successful life with a large group of friends, ”says Shinde, who sees herself engaging with the LGBTQ community on issues affecting to the transgender community. “Just like being gay is as good as normal now, I want to be more involved in making people comfortable with the idea that a transgender person is also normal and not a cartoon image.”
Even as Shinde protects his privacy when it comes to the question of sex reassignment surgery, he admits that “40 percent of my transition is done and as soon as the coronavirus is fixed, I will move on to the next step of surgeries.”
While Shinde has received an overwhelming deluge of praise and applause from industry friends such as actors Parineeti Chopra, Aditi Rao Hydari and Shruti Hassan to stylist Anahita Adajania Shroff and model Diandra Soare, the support of her mother who helped her choose the name ‘Saisha’ which means ‘meaningful life’.

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