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Cancellation of British Prime Minister’s visit to our victory, the “defeat” of the government: farmers unions | India News


NEW DELHI: Farmers unions protesting the three new farm laws on Wednesday claimed that the cancellation of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s visit to India later this month was a “political victory” for them and a “defeat diplomatic “to the government, and claimed their turmoil has been receiving worldwide support.
Johnson was scheduled to attend the Republic Day celebrations in India as the main guest, but the visit had to be canceled due to the growing health crisis in the UK after a new variant of coronavirus emerged there.
“The cancellation of the visit to India by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is a political victory for farmers and a diplomatic defeat for the Modi government. Political and social organizations around the world have supported the upheaval.” said Sankyukt Kisan Morcha, a coordinating body for protesters farmers unions, said in a statement in Hindi.
The statement said farmers have already announced a tractor protest march on January 26 and a “rehearsal” for January 7.
“The cancellation of the visit of the UK Prime Minister due to all these efforts is undoubtedly a great victory for farmers,” the statement said.
According to a statement released by the prime minister’s office here on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a phone conversation with Johnson.
Prime Minister Johnson reiterated his appreciation for India’s invitation to him as the main guest of the upcoming Republic Day celebrations, but regretted his inability to attend in view of the changed context of Covid-19 prevailing in the UK. He reiterated his enthusiasm for visiting India in the near future, “he had said.
The protesting agricultural unions have claimed that around 80 farmers have died – they have called them “martyrs” – since their agitation began.
“The farmers’ movement is now becoming a popular movement,” Morcha’s statement said.
Meanwhile, the All India Coordinating Committee Kisan Sangharsh, one of 40 protesting unions, claimed in a statement that the central government “does not take seriously” the demands of the farmers.
“The central government does not take the talks and the solution of farmers’ problems seriously. In the seventh round of talks, it finally stated clearly that it has understood that the demand is repeal and that it will have to conduct ‘additional consultations'”, AIKSCC claimed.
The seventh round of talks between protesting unions and three central ministers ended inconclusively on Monday, as farmers’ groups stuck to their demand for repeal of three laws, while the government listed various benefits of the new laws for the growth of the country’s agricultural sector. .
Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said he is hopeful for a solution at the next meeting on January 8, but affirmed that efforts should be made by both sides to reach a resolution (taali dono haathon se bajti hai).
While various opposition parties and people from outside have come out in support of farmers, some farmer groups have also met with the agriculture minister in recent weeks to extend their support for the three laws.
Last month, the government sent a draft proposal to protesting farmers’ unions, suggesting seven or eight amendments to the new laws and a written guarantee on the MSP’s procurement system. The government has ruled out repealing the three farm laws.

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