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Amidst bird flu scare, Southern states poultry banned in Parliament, control rooms installed in districts


The Madhya Pradesh government decided on Wednesday to ban the supply of poultry from Kerala and some other southern states like Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, etc. to Madhya Pradesh as a measure to control the spread of bird flu in the state while control rooms have been installed. established in each district to monitor the spread of the virus, according to government officials.

So far, 15 districts have been affected by bird flu. Control rooms have been set up in all districts to monitor the situation. However, according to officials, the presence of H5N8 has only been detected in crows so far. Poultry are not affected, according to officials.

The decision to ban the supply of poultry from southern states was made at a meeting chaired by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Wednesday. Officials from the Livestock and Health departments attended the meeting.

“Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has instructed that every effort should be made to prevent bird flu in chickens as well, although poultry are not affected by the disease,” an official statement said.

Chief Secretary of Livestock JN Kansotia said: “The supply of poultry to Madhya Pradesh is mainly done in states like Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Kerala has sounded on high alert and there is a report from there on the slaughter of poultry. Hence, the state government has decided to take this measure ”.

The official statement read: “The necessary precautionary measures are being taken. Districts have been informed of the guidelines issued by the Government of India. Poultry will be prohibited for a limited period. ”

The statement said: “The department of animal husbandry and allied departments and agencies are vigilant. Poultry farms where bird deaths have been reported are being monitored. The daily status of bird flu in the state is being communicated to the government of India. ”

“The division teams are closely monitoring the reservoirs, poultry farms and poultry markets in the districts. The necessary information on the prevention of bird flu is being provided to poultry farmers and entrepreneurs. Upon receiving information about disease or unnatural death of crows or chickens, immediate samples are collected and sent to the laboratory, ”said the official statement.

According to the statement, the infected sites are being disinfected and disinfected in collaboration with local district agencies. “It is important for non-vegetarians to ensure that the chicken is well cooked before consumption so that it does not pose any threat to health,” the statement states.

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