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After the truce of closure, Kashmir sees a flood of local tourists | India News


NEW DELHI: Tourist arrivals to Kashmir, which fell to zero during April-June 2020 due to the lockdown caused by Covid, have brought joy this winter, as the region recorded 13,055 arrivals in December. This marks an 88% jump from the number of incoming tourists to Kashmir during December 2019, just four months after the repeal of Article 370 in J&K.
However, tourist arrivals in December 2020 remain low compared to 38,024 arrivals in December 2018. In Jammu, from zero arrivals in April-May last year, tourist arrivals to the region have risen steadily to touch 4.6 lakh in December. 2020, more than double the almost 2.2 lakh in November.

After the truce of closure, Kashmir sees a flood of local tourists |  India News

While foreign tourist arrivals remain nil in the Jammu region since April 2020, Kashmir welcomed 89 foreigners in December 2020, a steady increase from July 11, August 33, September 36, October 38. and 56 in November. One source said that the foreigners visiting J&K were largely Indians or part of delegations arriving via bubble flights. December’s tourism boost, of course, is attributed to domestic tourist traffic with 12,966 arrivals in this category to Kashmir in December 2020, up from 6,271 in November, 2,659 in October, 812 in September, 251 in August and 175 in July.
Overall, J&K tourist traffic has soared from just 1,935 in June 2020 to nearly 4.8 lakh in December 2020

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