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Worker Who Alleged Harassment in Saudi Arabia Says She Was Not Allowed to Board a Flight to India | India News


BUNDI: A 40-year-old woman, who was supposed to fly back to India after her employer allegedly held her hostage in Saudi Arabia, has claimed that she was not allowed to board the flight because she could not pay the money for the flight. mandatory coronavirus test.
Reena Gehlodh, a native of Madhya Pradesh’s Harda district, asked for help in a video message in November, after which the Indian embassy in Saudi Arabia intervened and took the necessary steps for her return.
In two audio messages, the woman, who is currently in a recruitment shelter in Al-Qassim in Saudi Arabia, has claimed that shelter staff took her for a coronavirus test on Monday night, which demanded 850 Riyal (around Rs 17,000) for testing before your departure on January 5.
Bundi District Vice President of Congress Charmesh Sharma said the woman had sent her the messages as she had previously approached authorities to seek help for her after her appeal.
“On Monday night around 6 o’clock, they took me to a COVID testing center where they asked me to pay 850 Riyal for the COVID test prior to flight departure.
“When I expressed my inability to pay the COVID test charges, I was informed that my departure for my home in India would not be possible and that I would have to work another month to raise the money for the COVID test,” Reena says in the messages .
The woman has been in Saudi Arabia for 11 months on a work visa.
From November 15-16 last year, she had posted a video online claiming that she had been held captive and harassed by her employer.
Charmesh Sharma, who claimed that he has so far facilitated the release of 39 Indian workers held hostage in Iraq, said he filed online complaints about the matter with the Prime Minister’s Office, the Foreign Ministry and the Embassy in Saudi Arabia on November 19th.
“The Ministry of Education responded immediately to the complaint and subsequently, on November 24, the embassy asked me to present their travel documents and visa,” Sharma said.
On December 16, the embassy had informed Sharma that Reena was scheduled to return to India on January 5.
“However, now her hopes of reuniting with her husband and daughter have been dashed,” Sharma said, urging the Indian authorities to intervene and ensure their return.
Currently, Reena works in the shelter where she has stayed.

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