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Nirav’s sister and brother-in-law become approvers in PNB case


Diamantaire Nirav Modi’s younger sister Purvi Mehta, who is a Belgian national, and her husband Maiank Mehta, a British citizen, will testify against the fugitive businessman in court after being declared approvers of the case on Monday. Modi is the main defendant in a 13,500 million rupee fraud at the National Bank of Punjab (PNB).

The Mehtas had approached the special Anti-Money Laundering Act (PMLA) court through their lawyers in November, seeking a pardon and requesting to be enlisted as approvers in the cases against Modi.

Special judge VC Barde accepted the statement and ordered the investigating agency, the Directorate of Enforcement (ED), to facilitate their arrival in India so that they can appear in court and make a statement.

The ED has claimed that Modi, 49, who is housed in London’s Wandsworth jail and is the subject of two extradition requests (by the Central Bureau of Investigation and ED), had diverted around ₹ 1,201.18 crore ( $ 175.1 million) through his sister Purvi. The agency, in its charge sheet, stated that Purvi was an active participant in the generation of proceeds of crime and money laundering.

He claimed that Purvi was a director in companies based in Dubai and Hong Kong that received funds obtained by Modi through fraudulent means. Purvi has maintained that it had no knowledge of these transactions. In a response to the appointed court that heard a petition filed by ED for the confiscation of Modi’s property, she claimed that it had nothing to do with the alleged proceeds of crime.

Maiank and Purvi, in separate requests for clemency, said they were not the main defendants and had only a limited role to play in the cases against Modi.

They stated that, as close relatives of Modi, they are “in a unique position to be able to provide substantial and important evidence, information, evidence and documents related to Nirav Modi and his actions / deals. Such information will significantly aid ED’s further investigation and will be instrumental in establishing conclusively the facts against Nirav Modi and other key defendants. “

His lawyer, Amit Desai, maintained that due to Modi’s alleged criminal activities, their personal and professional lives had stalled and they had distanced themselves from the diamond dealer.

“The applicant agrees to be examined as a witness in this court and affirms that he / she will truthfully and completely reveal all the circumstances and facts that he / she knows, without hiding any evidence and will provide complete information about the same, which is true according to him / her and within your knowledge, ‘they stated in their requests.

They claimed to be willing to give statements as witnesses through videoconference or any other convenient electronic means at the time and in the manner indicated by the court.

ED, in its response, presented: “Applicant as approver can help ED to prosecute the mastermind, identify and seize more proceeds of crime in India and abroad, repatriate proceeds of crime to India, to get more evidence against the mastermind, etc. “

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