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Mirzapur Man Jailed in Pakistan Joins Family After 11 Years | India News


AMRITSAR: Panwasi Lal from Mirzapur, who accidentally crossed the border and was imprisoned in Pakistan, was released after 11 years.
Protocol official AP Singh said Lal was handed over to India by Pakistan through the Attari border on November 17, 2020.
Panwasi Lal’s mental condition is not stable. Because of this, he did not know the way home, so his family He had to go to Amritsar to bring him back to his hometown. They were handed over on January 4, added the Protocol officer (Police).
The officer said that Panwasi Lal was imprisoned in Pakistan and that after his term ended, he was handed over to India.
Family members said that Panwasi Lal had been missing for the past 11 years and had no idea how he got to Pakistan. His sister expressed her joy to see him alive.

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