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Former Calcutta mayor, aide skips Bengal rally and leaves BJP red-faced | India News


CALCUTTA: The absence of former Calcutta Mayor Sovan Chatterjee and his friend Baisakhi Banerjee from the BJP public rally on Monday, touted as the first for BJP, overshadowed the event by making the saffron party uncomfortable.
After Sovan, who was appointed BJP Bengal Observer from the Calcutta region last month, was absent, BJP Secretary General Kailash Vijayvargiya led the rally from Diamond Harbor Road. When the demonstration reached the Wattgunge area, a shoe was thrown at the participants of a corner gathering organized by Trinamool. The police controlled the situation. “It seems that TMC has gotten frustrated now. These are signs of their despair, ”said the head of the Bengal BJP, Dilip Ghosh.
The problems started on Monday morning when Baisakhi said he would not be able to attend the rally due to fluctuating blood pressure. State members of the BJP tried to persuade her to attend, but failed. Hours later, Sovan also chose not to participate.
When Sovan was appointed party observer and Baisakhi as coordinator, they were both in Bhubaneswar. Sources indicated that Baisakhi was not happy that Shankudeb Panda also became a co-convener. The twists and turns culminated in the removal of Sovan and Baisakhi’s dog tags from the room assigned to them in the BJP office. “I don’t know if they were allocated space,” Ghosh said. When asked if the party was going to take any action against the duo, Ghosh said the disciplinary panel examined those issues.

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