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CBI Seeks Consent to Question Bengal IPS Officials | India News


CALCUTTA: On Tuesday, CBI requested permission from the West Bengal government to question three IPS officers in connection with the investigation into the smuggling of coal and cattle in Bengal. The three IPS officers and the three officers with inspector rank, who were stationed in different districts where the smuggling activities took place, are likely to be questioned about the measures taken by the police to curb the illegal trade.
An official who was assigned as Hooghly SP has been asked to appear before officials from the Special Crimes Section on January 8. The official is likely to be questioned about the coal smuggling cases. Two other IPS officers, who were previously stationed in Murshidabad, are likely to be questioned on 12 January in connection with the cattle smuggling investigation.
Investigators are likely to question two other IPS officers who are no longer on duty. Two officers with previously assigned inspector rank are also likely to be questioned on January 6 and 11.

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