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Uttar Pradesh MP CM Keshav Maurya tours Bengal, then Yogi Adityanath


Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya, on his second visit in two weeks to West Bengal, engaged with Matuas, a group of Dalit refugees with origins in Bangladesh and whose influence extends to more than 50 seats in the assembly of the state.

Maurya, a leader of the OBC, not only related to Matuas, but also spoke about the alleged negligence of the Bangladeshi Hindu community, who, according to him, were denied citizenship rights due to concerns about bank banks. votes, said the BJP men accompanying Maurya on his Bengal campaign.

“As soon as we form our government in West Bengal, we will restore the dignity of Bangladeshi Hindus and the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) could help ensure that they receive their fair share. The BJP under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been doing a number of things for the poor, but the benefits are not coming to Bengal, ”Maurya said while addressing a meeting of intellectuals in the Uluberia segment of the assembly.

Maurya played on the Hindu factor for a reason. “In the 2018 Lok Sabha elections in Uluberia, the BJP had presented a Hindu candidate while TMC, Left and Congress had presented Muslims. It ranked second in secondary votes after TMC, pushing the left back and relegating Congress to fourth, ”said BJP leaders.

Engaging with key vote banks, like playing the Hindu card, is part of the BJP’s West Bengal plan for which a large number of UP party leaders are being recruited and with a reason.

In the 2017 UP polls, the BJP had targeted CBOs and Dalits in a big way to come to power in the most populous state after 14 years. Since then, the BJP has continued to connect with OBC and vice versa to maintain its political dominance.

A series of meetings with Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath is also being drafted.

“The BJP has recruited battle-hardened leaders from UP to Bengal who have started to mix patriotism, Bengali culture and Hindu pride to create a potent combination, which they believe would help them form their first government in Bengal,” he said Maluka Khanna, a political science professor at Lucknow University.

“There is great demand for Yogi Adityanath rallies at WB,” said a senior BJP leader.

Several UP cadres, committed to the party and its ideology, including those who know the Bengali language and culture, would be regularly dispatched to Bengal to make connections with the electorate there through street corner gatherings, party leaders said. .

“Even bigger leaders would be holding local meetings, some of them even making door-to-door visits,” said a BJP leader, adding that near the elections, a massive blitzkrieg would break out.

Khanna said the party’s growing vote turnout in Bengal has made the BJP more confident in Mission Bengal than ever.

“Since 2016, the BJP has been toying with the issue of incidents such as clashes in Dhulagarh, where it accused the TMC government of being silent on the issue of atrocities committed against Hindus who it claims were on the receiving end of the clashes. In the 2016 assembly elections, the BJP improved its percentage of votes to 10.3% compared to 4.1% of the votes it obtained in the 2011 elections. In the 2014 LS polls, the BJP obtained the 17 percent of the vote and also won two seats. In LS’s 2019 polls, the BJP got 40.3 percent of the vote. So the party’s graph has been growing, ”said Maluka Khanna, professor of political science at Lucknow University (LU).

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