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Schools and universities reopen in Bihar after more than 9 months, attendance is low as far as parents are concerned


Schools, colleges and other educational institutions in Bihar welcomed the students when they reopened after an interval of more than nine months. These institutes were closed on March 14 of last year due to the pandemic of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

Physical classes were held for students in classes 9-12 in schools and seniors in universities.

“I am happy that the schools have reopened as the students were being seriously affected. Most children who study in public schools do not have laptops to study online. Our curriculum is behind schedule and we will work hard to make it up, ”a class 9 student from Patna Miller High School told the PTI news agency.

The teachers also seemed happy to be able to take physical classes again.

“It is good that we have the opportunity to teach students in physical classrooms. All these months we used to come to schools but we didn’t have teaching jobs, ”said a Miller High School teacher.

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Students must bring consent letters from their guardians in order to attend classes, another teacher said.

However, attendance was low as many parents feared sending their wards to educational institutions until they were vaccinated.

“We will not send our children to schools until they are vaccinated against Covid-19. We cannot take risks despite the precautionary measures that the state government is taking, ”said Rajiv Singh, a resident of Jethiyan village in Gaya district.

Students, teachers, and other non-teaching personnel have been asked to take all Covid-19 precautions and adhere to government-issued guidelines while attending school.

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Schools that provide pick-up and drop-off services for students have been asked to ensure that service providers always have their masks on. There must be a minimum distance of 1 to 2 feet between students and they have been told not to speak to each other during the trip.

Morning meeting sessions and game periods have been removed from the schedule to prevent the spread of infection. To avoid a large gathering of students, the lunch hour has also been changed to dispersed schedules.

The authorities of educational institutions will monitor students for any symptoms of Covid and medical examinations of students will be carried out in government schools on a random basis, said the main secretary of the Department of Education, Sanjay Kumar.

He also said that students will be able to enter the school premises with masks.

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