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More than 1,565 deaths due to extreme weather in 2020; Bihar, UP most affected: IMD | India News


NEW DELHI: Extreme weather conditions killed more than 1,565 people last year with thunderstorms and lightning striking 815 of them, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said on Monday.
Bihar lost the maximum number of 379 lives due to floods, thunderstorms, lightning and cold snap, followed by Uttar Pradesh (356), it said in a report.
The meteorological department said the number of deaths due to extreme weather events was based on media reports.
Heavy rains and flood-related incidents reportedly claimed more than 600 lives in different parts of the country during the pre-monsoon, monsoon and post-monsoon seasons, he said.
Of these, Assam lost 129 lives, Kerala 72, Telangana 61, Bihar 54, Maharashtra 50, Uttar Pradesh 48 and Himachal Pradesh 38.
Of the 815 deaths due to storms and lightning, 280 occurred in Bihar, 220 in Uttar Pradesh, 122 in Jharkhand, 72 in Madhya Pradesh, 23 in Maharashtra and 20 in Andhra Pradesh, according to the IMD report.
The cold wave conditions, which prevailed mainly in the central areas of the country, especially in January, caused about 150 deaths, the IMD said.
Of these deaths, 88 were recorded in Uttar Pradesh alone, 45 in Bihar and 16 in Jharkhand. The deaths in Bihar occurred in a single day on January 1.
According to the IMD, the year 2020 was the eighth warmest year since it began keeping records in 1901.
“However, this is substantially lower than the largest warming observed in India during 2016 (plus 0.71 degrees Celsius),” said the IMD.

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