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Make 3 years experience in the bar should become judge, BCI tells SC | India News


NEW DELHI: Must a judge have prior defense experience to be effective? The Indian Bar Association says yes and plans to move the Supreme Court to seek to make a minimum three-year practice in the Bar Association mandatory to become a judicial officer at the subordinate judicial level.
In a statement, the BCI said it will file an application with the SC arguing that judicial officials who had no practical experience as defenders were mostly “incapable and inept in handling matters.”
Currently, recent law graduates are allowed to sit for judicial service examinations without having any practical bar school experience.
Stating that it has the support of all state bar councils, the BCI said that inexperience in the Bar Association is one of the main and main reasons for the delays in the resolution of cases in the subordinate judiciary.
“Judicial officials who have no practical experience in the Bar Association are mostly incapable and inept in handling matters. Most of these officers are rude and impractical in their behavior with members of the Bar Association and litigants, ”said Srimanto Sen, BCI secretary. He added: “Trained and experienced judicial officials can understand and resolve matters at a much faster rate, leading to an efficient administration of justice.”
Since the three-year experience requirement in the Bar Association was eliminated by the Supreme Court in March 2002, the higher body of lawyers said it would file an application with the higher court to seek modification of that order.

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