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Akhilesh Amends Vaccine Comment, Says He Didn’t Insult Scientists | India News


LUCK: Two days after Akhilesh Yadav said he will not inject a “BJP vaccine” against the coronavirus, the Samajwadi Party chief claimed on Monday that he had never insulted the scientists who developed it.
Yadav’s comment on Saturday that he could not trust a vaccine that would be used by a BJP government had drawn sharp reactions from the ruling party, as well as leaders like Omar Abdullah of the National Conference.
The head of SP had tried to make amends on Twitter on the same day, saying he was not referring to the scientists.
Questioned again by reporters about his comments, the SP asked the Center to tell him when the poor of the state will receive the anti-Covid vaccine and if it will be available for free.
“I have never asked questions about any scientist who is developing the vaccine or anyone who helps make the vaccine. I only raised questions about the BJP because people have no faith in the party because of the decisions it makes,” he said.
But he seemed to raise doubts again about the vaccines to be launched in the country in the coming days, and asked what happened to the Haryana minister who had been vaccinated.
“The government hospital could not treat him, so he went to a private hospital to save his life,” Yadav said.
The apparent reference was to Anil Vij from Haryana, who had tested positive for coronavirus days after participating in a trial for Covaxin from Bharat Biotech.
However, it was then clarified that not all trial participants were injected with the vaccine; a part of them were given placebos. In any case, it took two injections days apart for immunity to kick in.
Akhilesh Yadav said that after the “debate” on vaccines, the government should come forward and remove all doubts.
“We want to know from the government when the poor in the state will be vaccinated and whether it will be free or not,” he said.
“The government should tell its plan. First of all, people in the press should be vaccinated. I say this with total seriousness that you risked your lives during the COVID-19 coverage, and some of them lost their lives, “Yadav added.
On Saturday, Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Deputy Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya called Yadav’s vaccination comments an “insult” to the country’s doctors and scientists. BJP leaders have accused the Opposition of creating doubts about vaccines, making it difficult to fight the virus.
Yadav also took aim at the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh over the Muradnagar tragedy in which at least 24 people died after the roof of a crematorium collapsed on Saturday.
He said the families of the dead should receive 50 lakh rupees each as financial aid.
The former prime minister questioned the state government’s claim about job creation.
“If this had actually happened, not a single young man in Uttar Pradesh would have committed suicide,” said the SP president.
He also accused the BJP government of “copying” his government’s Samajwadi pension plan, referring to Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi, according to which small farmers get 6,000 rupees a year.

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