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US Data Firm Give PM Strong Ratings for Handling Covid-19 | India News


NEW DELHI: BJP on Saturday celebrated the firm approval of US-based data firm Morning Consult of Narendra Modi’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, saying it is a testament to the prime minister’s handling of the crisis.
Broadcasting and Information Minister Prakash Javadekar emphasized that the prime minister’s approval rating of 55% was the highest among the leaders of 13 democracies surveyed by the US data firm.
“The prime minister has broken all popularity records worldwide and has given dynamic and decisive leadership,” Javadekar told a reporter at the party headquarters. While the popularity of the leaders fluctuates, the popularity of the prime minister continues to grow in defiance of the pattern, he said.
“BJP is delighted with this achievement and salutes Prime Minister Modi for raising the honor and stature of India globally. Modiji is a visionary leader who always thinks and works to make the future of India bright and progressive. He has a definitive vision of India that he makes programs and policies for and then works tirelessly to make it successful, “he said.
The publication of the Morning Consult findings coincided with the authorization of emergency use of the Covidshield vaccine to be produced by the Serum Institute of India and Covaxin from Bharat Biotech and the completion of the implementation plan for the first phase of vaccination.
BJP sources said the strong backing is reassuring due to the “baseless” accusations that Rahul Gandhi of Congress and other opponents and “prejudiced experts” have leveled against the prime minister.

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