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TMC should reflect on its setback, the rise of BJP in Bengal: AIMIM boss, Asaduddin Owaisi | India News


CALCUTTA: AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi said on Sunday that TMC Supreme Mamata Banerjee, instead of pointing an accusing finger at his outfit, should introspect and determine how the BJP managed to seize 18 seats from Lok Sabha in the state. Owaisi, who was here for a meeting with Muslim cleric Abbasuddin Sidiqqui, rejected TMC’s claims that his party was a “BJP B-team” and would eat up votes from the anti-saffron field.
“We are a political party; we will establish our presence and fight the elections (in West Bengal).
“… Bharat ke siyasat ka mai Laila hu, aur mere Majnu bahut hai, use koi faraq nehi parta (I’m like Laila from popular folklore who has a lot of fans, but that doesn’t matter),” Owaisi told reporters, hinting that many parties want to benefit from their political efforts.
Later, while speaking to a news channel, he said his party had yet to decide whether to contest the election on its own or forge an alliance with another organization.
The AIMIM chief, however, emphasized that he has the support of ‘peerzada’ Siddiqui from Furfura Sharif, a highly revered shrine in the Hooghly district of Bengal.
Disqualifying the TMC’s claim that AIMIM helped the BJP-led NDA win the Bihar assembly elections, he said his party had contested 20 seats in the neighboring state, of which it won five and the Mahagathbandhan nine, while the NDA managed to obtain six electoral districts. .
“The TMC must do some introspection and find out what worked in favor of the BJP during the Lok Sabha elections. The party must analyze why its members left …” said Owaisi.
When asked about the issues he would highlight during his election campaigns in Bengal, he said that “underdevelopment and the political empowerment of the weakest sectors” would be the two main voting issues for his party.
Earlier in the day, TMC senior leader and MP Sougata Roy said that “AIMIM was nothing more than a representative of the BJP.”
“Owaisi is well aware that Muslims here are mostly Bengali-speaking and will not support him. He is trying to forge ties with Abbas Siddiqui, but that will not bring any results. Muslims in Bengal strongly support Mamata Banerjee.” Roy said.

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