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Safety environment attracting investors to UP: CM Yogi Adityanath


Uttar Pradesh Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath said on Sunday that businessmen were now more than willing to come to Uttar Pradesh and invest due to the atmosphere of security and trust in the state.

The prime minister spoke on a program in which he inaugurated and laid the foundation stone for projects worth more than 580 million rupees in Gorakhpur.

Speaking on the show, he said that the status, system and resources were the same as before, but, after a change of government in 2017, there was a positive atmosphere. The state government was committed to the development of Uttar Pradesh, he said.

Referring to his recent visit to Mumbai, where the Lucknow Municipal Corporation bond was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, he said: “Since 2017, people’s perception has changed due to the development activities taking place. The entrepreneurs, businessmen and filmmakers who came to meet me have expressed their desire to invest in UP ”.

Striking the Opposition, Adityanath said, “Those who used to say during the Ram temple movement that Lord Ram was imaginary now say that Ram belongs to everyone.”

On development in eastern Uttar Pradesh, once dubbed backwards, Yogi said: “The Purvanchal region now competes with other regions on the basis of a series of development works. The government is working with commitment and development is our priority. All institutions have been linked to accountability in development work ”.

Praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the successful control of Covid-19 and the provision of vaccines, Yogi said that under the prime minister’s leadership, India had become the first country in the world to approve two vaccines.

“In all Covid-19 hospitals, services were provided at no cost to patients. Around 5.73 lakh people were treated, recovered and returned home. The Covid-19 protocol was followed with the cooperation of the public. With the start of various activities, we have to keep vigil, ”he said.

The prime minister also said software was being developed to provide free training for competitive exams to young people in the state.

Students preparing for the civil service exam would benefit from the software as they would not have to go to big cities to study, he said.

Among the projects in Gorakhpur, the prime minister laid the foundation stone for the four-lane jail ring road that is being built at a cost of Rs. 99.04 crore, six-lane widening of the Naushad to Padleganj highway at Rs 89.05 crore, a 24-bed hospital in the district jail at Rs 1.25 crore and construction of a government-run school for the mentally disabled at a cost of Rs 8.13 crore.

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