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Ghaziabad roof collapse: families of victims demand strict action – noida


The families of the victims of a roof collapse in Muradnagar, in the Ghaziabad district, have demanded severe measures against the contractor, alleging that there were lapses in construction, leading to the incident that left at least 24 people dead.

“The incident was probably due to the poor quality of the construction, because the whole roof collapsed at once,” said Udham Singh, one of the survivors.

Like him, other families also demanded strict action.

“I lost my father, who worked every day and was the only member of the family who made money. The incident was the result of poor construction and should be investigated. We demand strict action against the contractor and the officials, ”said Pawan Kumar.

Uttar Pradesh Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath said in a video statement on Sunday that he ordered the district magistrate and chief superintendent of police to take over relief and rescue work and make sure the injured receive the best treatment.

“A report has been requested in relation to the incident. I have even told the district officials to send a report to the state administration so that the causes of the incident come to light and the responsibility can be fixed, ”added Adityanath.

District Magistrate Ajay Shankar Pandey confirmed that there were 24 deaths in the incident.

Ghaziabad Police on Sunday night registered an FIR under sections 304 of the Indian Penal Code (wrongful death not equivalent to murder), 337 (causing harm to anyone by performing any reckless or negligent act that endangers human life), 338 (causing serious damage by act that endangers the life or personal safety of others), 427 (causing damage) and 409 (criminal abuse of trust by a public servant, etc.) of CPI.

“The FIR appoints the contractor, an executive officer of Muradnagar Nagar Palika, a junior engineer, a supervisor and several other officials and unidentified persons,” said Iraj Raja, superintendent of (rural) police.

Officials from Muradnagar Nagar Palika, who asked not to be named, said the construction cost around ₹ 55 lakh, whose contract was awarded to one Ajay Tyagi. Of this amount, around 40 lakh have been paid so far.

Tyagi could not be located despite repeated attempts to reach him.

Officials added that the work order was issued on February 4 of last year. The work order mentioned that the work was to be completed in 60 days, but was suspended due to the national shutdown.

“The construction of the shed and the quality controls were pending. Quality controls had to be carried out by the corresponding agency. The tender was awarded after due procedure and the contractor is based in the city, ”added the official.

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