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Garbage Laws Ordinance On Farmers’ Agenda Now | India News


Garbage Laws Ordinance On Farmers' Agenda Now |  India News

Farmers shout slogans and hold up banners during an ongoing protest against new farm laws, at the Singhu border in New Delhi on Sunday. (ANI photo)

Farmers unions will urge the group of ministers to consider taking the ordinance route to repeal the three farm laws, as well as pointing to the private member bill introduced at the Lok Sabha in 2018 as a template to meet their second demand. on the extension of the legal guarantee to the MSP mechanism. .
The unions will have a new round of talks with the government on Monday. Although the government had asked the unions to suggest an “alternative to repealing the laws” during their December 30 meeting, peasant leaders continued to adhere to their demands with their coordinating body, AIKSCC, on Sunday, raising the idea of an ordinance.
Underlining that the success of Monday’s talks will depend “entirely on the repeal of the three agricultural laws,” the AIKSCC working group said it can be done by ordinance, which is neither time consuming nor complicated. They suggested that the ordinance, if enacted, could well be superseded by repeal laws during the session of Parliament.
“If the Narendra Modi government has the will, it is a matter of only one or two days. The main obstacle is the political will of the NDA government led by the BJP,” the AIKSCC said in a statement on the eve of the talks. while pointing out that the “government’s search for an alternative remedy is a sure recipe for failure.”
On the issue of legal guarantee for the MSP, it is known that farmers’ leaders discussed the 2018 private members bill presented in LS by then-Swabhimani Paksha MP Raju Shetti as one ready to move the talks forward.
“The Center can easily adopt the bill as a government bill with certain modifications without altering its essence, where it says that no one can buy crops under the MSP. The government can change other provisions while guaranteeing the legal guarantee for MSP, ”Shetti told TOI on Sunday. He has planned to lead a large contingent of farmers from his home state to Delhi for the unions’ Republic Day agenda when they would attempt to enter Delhi if the government does not meet his demands by then.
Shetti said: “The government under its ‘one nation, one market’ approach can easily enact a law that prohibits anyone from buying below the MSP.”


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