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DCGI Approves Oxford’s Covishield and Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin Vaccines for Restricted Emergency Use | India News


NEW DELHI: India’s Comptroller General of Drugs on Sunday approved two coronavirus vaccines, one developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University and the other by Bharat Biotech for emergency use.
“The … vaccines from the Serum Institute (AstraZeneca / Oxford vaccine) and Bharat Biotech are being approved for restricted use in emergency situations,” India’s Comptroller General of Drugs VG Somani said at a press conference.
DCGI allayed concerns about vaccine safety, saying that “we will never approve anything if there is even the slightest concern about safety.”
“The vaccines are 110% safe. Some side effects such as mild fever, pain and allergy are common to all vaccines. It (people become impotent) is absolute rubbish,” said VG Somani, Comptroller General of Drugs of the India.
The initial immunization plan aims to vaccinate 300 million people, healthcare workers, front-line personnel, including the police, and those deemed vulnerable due to age or other illnesses by August 2021.
Congratulating scientists and innovators, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the move will accelerate the path to a Covid-free nation.
“A decisive turning point to strengthen an energetic fight! DCGI grants approval to the vaccines of @SerumInstIndia and @BharatBiotech accelerates the path to a healthier and covid-free nation.

“All Indians would be proud that the two vaccines that have received emergency use approval are made in India! This shows the enthusiasm of our scientific community to fulfill the dream of an Aatmanirbhar Bharat, whose root is caring and compassion. ” Modi tweeted.
“We reiterate our gratitude to the doctors, medical personnel, scientists, police personnel, sanitation workers and all the warriors of Corona for the excellent work done, which also in adverse circumstances. We will be eternally grateful to them for saving many lives,” said the first Minister Modi. .

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