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Covid: Both vaccines get the final go-ahead, the first injections will be from Covishield | India News


NEW DELHI: The Serum Institute of India’s Covishield is likely to be used for the first time in India’s vaccination campaign against Covid-19, with India’s Controller General of Drugs formally waving the green flag for use on Sunday, along with Covaxin from Bharat Biotech.
Vaccination is likely to begin simultaneously in most states that were part of the January 2 trial, even while final outlines are being worked out. DCGI VG Somani granted emergency use approval for IBS, which is being done by Covishield developed by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca, and Covaxin, which must meet additional conditions. In the case of Covaxin, the authorization is in clinical trial mode, which means that the follow-up of the recipients will be in the same way as that of the trial participants.
Although it can be used, Covaxin can be introduced into the vaccination schedule a little later. IBS and Bharat Biotech have accelerated the manufacture of vaccines and have a substantial arsenal.
For the launch of the vaccine, the government is likely to follow an election-like process and identify session sites in particular districts in almost every state on particular dates. Depending on the availability of the vaccine, recipients will be called for inoculation on specific dates in a staggered manner.
“A limited number of beneficiaries can be inoculated during the first days at each of the identified sites, depending on the availability of the vaccine, as well as the way the elections are conducted,” an official told TOI.

Covid: Both vaccines get the final go-ahead, the first injections will be from Covishield | India News

The government has already registered more than 75 lakh of priority beneficiaries on Co-WIN, the IT platform developed by the Center to implement the mega vaccination campaign. On Saturday, nationwide vaccination drills were held at 286 session sites in 125 districts.
The government is likely to place a formal supply order with the Serum Institute of India on Monday to facilitate the movement of vaccines to cold chain centers, another senior official said. Vaccines will continue to be distributed to individual districts according to the final vaccine administration plan.
While the plan is to inoculate 30 million “priority population” with the Covid vaccine by July, the government aims to vaccinate the first 3 million rupees, including frontline and healthcare workers, over the next few years. two months and the vaccination process is likely to accelerate simultaneous inoculation of the population over 50 years of age and of the youngest but with severe comorbidities. Given that approvals in principle for SII were in place and the government hoped it would be the first vaccine in the country, it is expected that it will be easier for the government to get immediate supplies from Covishield, although supplies from Covaxin may follow soon, an official said.
According to sources, the first order is likely to be for doses of 10 crore to be financed through PM Care. “SII has offered a price of Rs 225-250 per dose for the first tranche, while Bharat Biotech has offered Rs 350. For the next batch, prices may vary,” said a source.

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