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Pvt because, PSUs can access the government crime database, for a fee | India News


NEW DELHI: Private companies may soon be able to check a prospective employee’s criminal record by gaining access to Crime and Criminals Tracking Network Systems (CCTNS), a centralized repository of criminal records at the nation’s digitally interconnected police stations. It is known that the installation of ’employee verification’ can involve a fee.
Although some experts are likely to raise data privacy concerns and point to the possibility of ‘discrimination’ in hiring, a former IPS official, who had been associated with the CCTNS initiative, said that allowing private companies, PSUs and government departments accessing “public documents” such as FIRs would not entail any legal complications. As for not hiring an applicant to find a criminal record, it will depend on company policy and would be the same even with a traditional police check, the former official added.
When contacted, Interior Ministry officials neither confirmed nor denied the move.
According to the website of the Ministry of the Interior that lists the citizen services offered by CCTNS, “citizens / institutions / companies can also seek background checks on potential employees (including domestic servants, drivers, teachers, security guards, etc. .), tenants or any other Citizens can also seek certification of their own background. Government departments can also verify the character and background of employees at the time of hiring in the data of the CCTNS. ”
The Minister of State for the Home, G Kishan Reddy, had recently said that of the total of 16,098 police stations in the country, the CCTNS software was being used in more than 95% of them. In March last year, privacy concerns were raised after the Interior Ministry informed the Rajya Sabha that the National Criminal Records Office had been authorized to use the Automated Facial Recognition System (AFRS) for the identification of criminals, bodies unclaimed and missing persons. NCRB plans to integrate AFRS with CCTNS.
However, the ministry insisted that this will not violate privacy, as only law enforcement agencies can access AFRS.

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