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PM writes a ‘sunrise’ poem, spreads hope in the New Year | India News

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted the nation on Friday on the first day of the new year by sharing a poem written by him to deliver a message of optimism and determination to overcome darkness and obstacles.
The Twitter user of MyGovIndia, a government citizen participation platform, shared a poem in Modi’s voice, in which she invokes the sun and gives a message of positivity.
“Aasman mein sar uthakar, ghane badlon ko cheer kar, roshni ka sankalp lein, abhi to suraj uga hai …”, he begins, reciting the short poem in Hindi. “Let’s start our first day of the new year with a fascinating and motivational poem ‘Abhi toh Suraj Uga hai’, written by our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” tweeted MyGovIndia.
Another line he recited was “Dridh nischay ke saath, har mushkil ko paarkar, ghiro andero ko gitane abhi to suraj uga hai”.
As he recites the poem, the video shows clips of his recent visits to different places, including his trip to Varanasi on the occasion of Dev Deepawali. The video also includes a clip about Kargil’s victory.

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