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Do not try to appropriate Bapu: Bhagwat | India News


NEW DELHI: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said on Friday that patriotism is the central theme of Hinduism, as love for the nation is the basic character of being Hindu, quoting Mahatama Gandhi, who said that his patriotism it originates from your ‘dharma’. Bhagwat stated that dharma in this case does not simply mean religion, but is broader than that.
Expanding on his reference to Gandhi, Bhagwat said that patriotism cannot be restricted to followers of a particular faith, as religion teaches inclusion and speaks of humanity in general.
Bhagwat spoke at an event to launch a book titled ‘Making of a Hindu Patriot: Background to Gandhiji’s Hind Swaraj’, written by JK Bajaj and MD Srinivas. The occasion drew attention as RSS critics have long sought to label the Mahatma’s assassination to Sangh’s thought, if not the organization itself. He stated categorically that there is no need to speculate that Sangh “is trying to appropriate Gandhiji” as that is not the case. He said that no one can appropriate great personalities like the Mahatma. Bhagwat said that the Mahatma viewed his dharma and patriotism as something akin to love for his homeland.
“If someone is a Hindu he has to be a patriot, that will be his basic character. Sometimes you may have to awaken his patriotism, but he (Hindu) can never be anti-India. But we have to be aware of the fact that if you love your country, that doesn’t just mean the land, it means its people, rivers, culture, traditions, ”said Bhagwat.
Underlining that Hinduism believes in the existence of unity, he said, “Difference does not mean separatism and Gandhiji has suggested that Hinduism is the religion of all religions.” Speaking of Gandhi’s Swarajya, Bhagwat said that with him he refers not only to changing rulers or becoming self-government, but also to the struggle for the reconstruction of society based on values ​​of civilization. The book tells the story of the evolution of ideas and concepts that the Mahatma presented in his book ‘Hind Swaraj as well as his evolution as a consciously committed Hindu patriot.

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