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8 higher courts get new CJ, Andhra CJ sent to Sikkim | India News


8 higher courts get new CJ, Andhra CJ sent to Sikkim | India News

NEW DELHI: Up to eight Superior Courts obtained new Chief Justices (CJs) on Thursday, and their appointments were notified by the Ministry of Law late in the evening on the last business day of 2020. These appointments included the change of the Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh, JK Maheshwari to Sikkim and the Chief Justice of Telangana RS Chauhan to Uttarakhand.
The higher courts of J&K and Ladakh, Orissa, Telangana, Madras, MP, Uttarakhand, Andhra Pradesh and Sikkim appointed new CJs. The Ministry of Justice issued up to 15 notifications on the last business day of the year, Thursday, including transfers of many HC judges.
Although SC Collegium makes recommendations for appointments and transfers of HC and CJ judges, they are effective only when notified by the government. It is mandatory that the government follow the recommendations made by the college, but in cases where it has a different opinion, the government generally puts notifications on hold. In some cases, the government returns recommendations for reconsideration.
Judge Pankaj Mithal, judge of the Allahabad High Court, has been appointed President of the J&K and Ladakh court; Judge S Muralidhar, Judge of Punjab and Haryana HC as CJ of Orissa HC; Judge Hima Kohli, judge of the Delhi HC as CJ of Telangana HC and Judge Sanjib Banerjee, judge of the Calcutta High Court as CJ of Madras HC.
While Judge Mohammad Rafiq, CJ from Orissa HC, has been transferred to MP HC as his CJ, two others, CJ from Andhra and Sikkim, have switched positions. The change of Andhra CJ became important in the context of a complaint filed by the state CM before the CJI against the alleged interference of HC judges in the state government. Six judges from different HC have also been transferred.


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