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Trinamool Congress celebrates 23rd Foundation Day and calls Mamata the true defender of Bengali culture | India News

CALCUTTA: The ruling Trinamool Congress celebrated its 23rd Foundation Day on Friday and claimed that the party chief, Mamata Banerjee, is the “true defender” of Bengal culture and values.
The BJP opponent mocked TMC’s founding day celebrations saying this will be the last time Mamata Banerjee’s party will do so while in power.
Assembly elections must take place between April and May this year and will be crucial as the Saffron party, which has never been in power in this politically polarized state, will seek to overthrow Banerjee, who has been in power for two terms. in a row.
Top TMC leaders led by state party chair Subrata Bakshi raised the party flag at their state headquarters and congratulated the workers for their tireless efforts to serve the people.
“In the last 23 years our TMC family fought many battles where more and more people put their faith in @MamataOfficial as the true defender of Bengal culture, pride and values! As we move on for another year , We promise to always protect and serve the people of Bengal, “TMC tweeted.
TMC’s comments come in the context of the furious “outside-in” debate in the state. TMC has repeatedly called BJP a party of outsiders that poses a threat to the culture and values ​​of the state.
Firhad Hakim, a senior TMC leader, called the saffron festival a “group of poachers.”
“The BJP cannot win the polls in a direct contest. So they have unleashed the CBI, the ED and they are poaching our leaders to stop us. But that will not give any results as the poachers party will be defeated and the traitors will not be able to save them, “he said.
Mocking TMC, Dilip Ghosh, the BJP state chairman said: “The days of TMC’s rule are numbered in Bengal. This is the last time you observe the day of its founding while you are in power.
“Once it is voted in the next assembly elections, anyone can guess the fate of the TMC,” he added.
The TMC had instructed its workers to hold various programs across the state to mark the occasion.
Party leaders in the districts have organized various functions and gatherings on the corners to highlight their achievements in the last ten years.
Banerjee seceded from Congress and formed TMC on January 1, 1998, with the aim of overthrowing the then Left Front regime from power in the state. The party achieved its goal in May 2011 after allying with Congress.
TMC faces a challenge in the upcoming assembly elections, as a resurgent BJP in the state has done everything it can to defeat it.

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