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Pandemic forced people to value migrant workers: PM | India News


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday praised the role of migrant workers in the country’s economic activities, saying that cities, businesses and industries realized the importance of these workers during the Covid pandemic after who returned to their home states.
Addressing an event on new home building technologies, the prime minister said: “Before Covid, we saw in some parts of the country where people used to make nasty comments about migrant workers coming from other states and villages. There were also Cases of people ashamed But when they returned home, people realized how difficult life is without them, how difficult it is to run businesses and industries without them. Then they began to ask migrant workers to return. Corona it has forced people to accept the importance and role of migrant workers. ”
The Center launched the Affordable Rental Housing Complex scheme during the pandemic to provide affordable rental housing to migrant workers who, according to Modi, often ended up living in unsanitary conditions. “They deserve a good life and that is the responsibility of the government. So, we have opted for the construction of affordable rental housing complexes with private participation and the effort is to have these complexes close to workplaces,” Modi said.
The prime minister urged government departments to become startups, active and innovative, rather than being lethargic and calm. He said that the measures taken by the government have helped solve the problems of home buyers. He said measures such as tax relief and home loan interest subsidies for the poor and the middle class have also helped people buy their homes.

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