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Government Personnel Will Receive “Disability Compensation” If Disabled In The Line Of Duty | India News


NEW DELHI: The central government has decided to extend disability compensation to all of its employees if they become disabled in the line of duty and remain in service despite said disability. The measure, announced by the Minister of State for Personnel Jitendra Singh on Friday, will especially benefit the personnel of the Central Police Armed Forces (CAPF) such as BSF, CRPF, etc., which despite being more prone to disability in the performance of their duties, they were not entitled to a disability pension if they were appointed after 01.01.2004 and coveted by the National Pension Plan (NPS).
According to the new order issued by the pension department in the personnel ministry, employees covered by the NPS will also obtain benefits under Rule (9) of Extra Ordinary Pension (EOP). In other words, if a government official becomes disabled in the performance of his duties and this disability is attributed to the government service, in that case, if he still remains in the service despite the disability, he will be paid global compensation to the arrive at the capitalized value of the disability element, with reference to the commutation table in force at all times.
Expressing satisfaction with today’s order, Dr. Jitendra Singh said that the Modi government is doing everything possible to simplify the rules and eliminate discriminatory clauses. The ultimate goal of all these new initiatives is to make life easier for public officials even after they have retired and have become pensioners or pensioner family members or the elderly, he said.

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