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TMC Calls on President to Remove Dhankhar from the Post of Governor of Bengal | India News

CALCUTTA: The Trinamool Congress said on Wednesday that it had moved President Ramnath Kovind to remove Jagdeep Dhankhar from the post of West Bengal governor, accusing him of “transgressing constitutional boundaries” by regularly commenting publicly against the state administration and the government.
The BJP, however, said that the governor is acting within his constitutional parameters while the “TMC is afraid.”
A team of TMC MPs sent a letter to the president on Tuesday listing “all those transgressions” of Dhankhar in recent times and urged him to take action under article 156, clause 1 of the Constitution, party MP Rajya Sabha , Sukhendu Sekhar Roy told reporters here.
“The governor holds office during the president’s pleasure under Article 156, clause 1. We have urged the president to withdraw the pleasure, which results in the removal of this governor,” Roy said.
“We have noticed that since he came to the state in July last year, he has been regularly tweeting, holding press meetings and participating in television discussions, where he regularly passes comments on the functioning of the state government, our officials, ministers, the prime minister. , even once about the conduct of the president of the assembly. Every action of this type violates his constitutional rights, “said Roy.
Claiming that Dhankhar has been making such statements in public at the behest of the BJP-led government in the Center to shame the TMC government in the state, Roy said: “This has never happened before in West Bengal’s 75-year history. If you have to say something, you can communicate it in the way that the Constitution provides, not by tweeting or holding press meetings. ”
Roy cited Dhankhar’s statement seeking details of Bengal Business Summit spending, his demand for an apology from the chief minister for some of his recent comments, and his “threat to 25 IPS officials” as urging the governor to “violate your rights and limitations “.
“He has also said that it is his duty to ensure free and fair elections. Who is he? It is the domain of the Election Commission. Similarly, only the CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General of India) has the authority to seek details of the expenses for state-organized events such as the Bengal Business Summit, “said Roy.
“A constitutional head chosen by the Center cannot interfere in the functioning of the state in this way. It is similar to an interference in the parliamentary system. He is doing these things intentionally. He is not in a position to occupy the seat of the governor that he had been occupied by many illustrious personalities since Independence, “said Roy.
He said such actions by the governor go against orders issued by the Supreme Court in the past.
The letter to the president was signed by five high-level party deputies in both houses, including Sudip Bandyopadhyay, Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar, Derek O’Brien and Roy himself.
Dhankhar, who has had frequent clashes with the TMC government in the last year and a half, has regularly raised concerns about the alleged politicization of the state administration and police, the operation of state universities, and the law and status of the order between Another questions.
To a question, Roy said that this was the party’s initial step regarding the governor.
“Depending on the situation and seeing the response, we will take steps in the future,” he added.
In reaction to the development, the BJP national secretary general Kailash Vijayvargiya said that the governor is fulfilling his constitutional duty as he finds that the state government is not fulfilling its duty adequately in certain parameters.
“I do not believe that the TMC’s action to ask the president to remove the governor will have any impact. The president will be governed by his own understanding of the role of the governor,” he told reporters.
“The governor is acting within his constitutional parameters as head of state. The TMC is doing it because he is afraid,” added the senior BJP leader.

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