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Rahul Gandhi Investigates Prime Minister Modi, Says Farmers Don’t Trust Him | India News

NEW DELHI: On Wednesday, Congressional Leader Rahul Gandhi criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying farmers do not trust the prime minister due to his “long history of asatyagraha.”
“15 lakh in every bank account and 2 million jobs every year, give me 50 days of time, otherwise … We will win the war against Corona in 21 days. No one has intruded on our territory or taken over any post; “I don’t trust Modi ji due to his long history of ‘asatyagraha’,” Gandhi tweeted.

Earlier, Gandhi had slammed the government saying “India is now an imaginary democracy.”
Previously, he had also met with President Ram Nath Kovind along with other party members to discuss the farmers’ demands. Farmers have been protesting against the new agricultural laws introduced by the government for more than a month. They demand the complete repeal of the three agricultural laws, while the government suggested amending the laws.
There have been several rounds of talks between the government and the farmers’ representatives. These have not been conclusive so far and today there is another round of meetings between them.

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