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Nitish Kumar smashes RJD’s claims about JD (U) defections, says party is united


In great relief to the NDA camp in Bihar, Prime Minister Nitish Kumar said on Wednesday that JD (U) was united and that there was no truth to the claims about the defection of party leaders to any other party. .

His reaction came after the RJD opposition in a context of growing unrest between the BJP and JD (U) over the events in Arunachal Pradesh claimed that 17 JD (U) MLA were willing to switch sides.

RJD leader Shyam Rajak claimed that 17 lawmakers from Nitish Kumar’s party were in contact with them and were ready to join the opposition party.

“Seventeen legislators from JD (U) are in contact with RJD through me. They are desperate to join RJD as soon as possible, but we have stopped them because they will lose their membership due to the anti-desertion law, ”Rajak said.

The RJD leader claimed that JD (U) lawmakers were unhappy with the way the BJP was imposing on Nitish Kumar in the new government.

Rajak, a former JD (U) minister, who returned to the RJD before the assembly election, said talks with others are also underway. “To evade the anti-desertion law, at least 25 to 26 legislators must defect at the same time,” he said, adding that this will happen soon.

Nitish Kumar, who resigned as JD (U) national chair last Sunday, called it “baseless talk.”

“Everything is fine in JD (U). There is no weight in RJD’s claims. All of these are unfounded, ”said the prime minister.

JD (U) State President Bashistha Narain Singh advised RJD to stop talking absurdly. “Get your own house in order first. All is well in the NDA, ”he said while party spokesman Rajiv Ranjan said JD (U) lawmakers were united and that RJD should keep their flock together.

“There is no resentment in JD (U). Our party is upset by what happened in Arunachal, but this does not mean that our legislators are wrong. RJD, in turn, should keep its chamber together, as many of the legislators are unhappy with Tejashwi Yadav’s style of operation, ”Ranjan said.

Nitish Kumar’s strong denial of RJD’s claim has come as a great relief to the NDA partners, particularly the BJP, which found itself in a setback after the JD (U) took an aggressive stance after the Arunachal Pradesh developments where six JD (U) MLA defected to the BJP.

“Nobody can break our house (NDA). Nitish ji is our guardian and our mukhiya is strong, ”said BJP MP CM Renu Devi.

On Tuesday, some RJD leaders had tried to lure Kumar by casting him as a candidate for prime minister if he gave way to Tejashwi Yadav as Prime Minister of Bihar.

Nitish Kumar should relinquish the prime minister’s chair and withdraw from the NDA. He should help Tejashwi Yadav to form the new government and the RJD would return the favor by supporting him as a candidate for prime minister in 2024, ”said Uday Narain Chaudhary, former president of the state assembly and leader of the RJD.

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