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Farmer in Madhya Pradesh declares legal heir of dog in will along with wife


A 50-year-old farmer from a village in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhindwara district, fearful that his dog will not be cared for after his death, has named the canine and his wife as his legal heirs in his will.

Omnarayan Verma from Badiwara village in Chaurai tehsil made the will a week ago as his “first and last will.” According to the will, his legal heirs include his wife Champa Bai, 47, and Jackie, 11 months, their pet dog.

“My wife Champa Bai lives with me and takes care of me. Jackie is my pet dog and she also takes care of me. I love you both immensely. I am in good health at the moment. I fear my dog ​​will be orphaned after I die. I want to give Jackie a piece of my property so that she is not orphaned and well cared for. I firmly believe that both of them will take care of me until my last breath and after my death they will perform my last rites, ”Verma said in his will.

The farmer went on to emphasize in his will that the two will be his legal heirs and after his death they will own their properties. “Whoever takes care of Jackie after I die will use his share of my property to care for him and will own Jackie’s share of the property after his death,” the will states.

The properties mentioned in the will include agricultural land of approximately 21 acres.

Verma said he made a will after a domestic dispute and hinted that, for all practical purposes, the will is practically canceled.

“I have loved dogs since my childhood. I received the puppy from my son-in-law after my previous dog died. I had the will notarized after a domestic dispute when I thought that Jackie might be abandoned after my death. My son was upset with me. The village sarpanch approached me and asked me to cancel the will. Although the will has not yet been canceled, the problem is resolved within the family, ”said Verma.

Sarpanch, from Jamuna Prasad Verma village, said: “I went to Verma’s house together with some other members of the panchayat and tried to reason with him that such a will was worthless but would definitely cause a rift in their family. I think he wrote the will and notarized it out of anger. He has assured me that he would cancel the will. ”

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