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BJP MP Vasava to withdraw his resignation after speaking with senior leaders


A day after submitting his resignation from the BJP, Lok Sabha member and former Union minister Mansukh Vasava said on Wednesday that he had given up the idea of ​​resigning from the party after speaking with its top leaders.

Vasava, a six-time MP from Bharuch in tribal-dominated Gujarat, had said on Tuesday that he was resigning from the BJP only because of health problems and had no problems with the government or the party.

Speaking to reporters after meeting with Gujarat’s Chief Minister Vijay Rupani in Gandhinagar on Wednesday morning, he said: “Top party leaders told me that I will receive free treatment for my back and neck pain only if I continue as deputy. This is not possible if I resign as a deputy. Party leaders asked me to rest and assured me that a system will be established in which local party workers will work on my behalf. ” “The only reason why I had decided to resign from the party and as a deputy were my health problems. Today I also talked about the same with the CM. Now, after obtaining the assurance of the senior leaders of the BJP, I have decided to withdraw my resignation.

I will continue to serve my people as a deputy, ”Vasava said.

The tribal leader claimed that it was a mistake to think that he was upset with the government or the ruling BJP for some matters related to the tribes of the Narmada district, in particular about the inclusion of 121 villages in the Eco Sensitive Zone.

“The state and central governments are putting all their efforts into solving the problems related to the Eco Sensitive Zone. I have no problems with the party or the government. On the contrary, I strongly believe that the tribes benefited more under the BJP rule than under any previous government, ”he said.

On Tuesday, Vasava had resigned from the party and also stated that he will resign as a deputy after meeting with the Lok Sabha chairman during the next budget session of Parliament.

Vasava had submitted his resignation in the form of a letter to the President of Gujarat BJP, CR Paatil.

In the letter, Vasava, a frank and straightforward tribal leader, said that although he had done his best to be loyal to the party and also tried to assimilate the party’s values ​​into his life, he is ultimately human and prone to to make mistakes”. .

“Ultimately, I am a human being and humans tend to make mistakes. So that the party does not suffer for my mistakes, I hereby resign from the party and apologize to the party for it, “he had said in the letter.

Paatil had told reporters on Tuesday that Vasava was particularly unhappy with the declaration of the Eco Sensitive Zone in his constituency.

“The main issue is the declaration of an Eco Sensitive Zone by the Center in its constituency. Now, it seems that some people are misleading the locals on the matter after the Collector made some annotations about the parcels of land. We are trying to convince Vasava and I am sure a solution will come soon, ”said the BJP head of state.

Vasava was inducted into the cabinet as Minister of State for Trade Union Tribal Affairs by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in May 2014. However, he was abruptly dismissed in July 2016.

On December 20, he quickly sent a letter to the prime minister demanding the removal of the Eco Sensitive Zone from 121 villages in the Narmada district.

He claimed that local tribes were angry due to “unnecessary interference” from officials after those 121 tribal-dominated villages were included in the Eco Sensitive Zone.

Later in the afternoon, Vasava claimed that it was his health, not the Eco Sensitive Zone, that forced him to make the decision.

“I have no problem with the BJP or the government. The only thing is that I stay bad most of the time and the doctors have advised me to rest now, although I am a deputy, I was not able to travel much and be with my people because of this back pain, which has now begun to affect me. how my brain works, ”Vasava told reporters on Tuesday.

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