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597 fast track courts at work, 321 for POCSO | India News


597 fast track courts at work, 321 for POCSO |  India News

NEW DELHI: In a recent status report submitted to the cabinet secretary, the Justice Ministry has said that there are 597 fast track courts operating in 24 states and UT in November, of which 321 are exclusively POCSO (Protection of Children Against the sexual effects Crimes) tried.
This is important considering that the processing of rape cases against women and children increased by 46%, from 1.6 lakh in 2018 to 2.4 lakh in 2019. About 96% of these cases were related to children , registered under the POCSO Law, according to the data received. by the Ministry of Justice of various superior courts.
Although the government had assured Parliament last year that it would establish at least 1,023 FTCs to expedite pending trials of rape cases, as of March of this year, only 366 FTCs were established by 21 states / UTs, including five in the states of the United States. northeast. According to the latest assessment, an additional 231 FTCs have been established in the past nine months since March, when the pandemic virtually shut down all operations across the country.
POCSO Fast Track Courts are those established by the government to quickly complete trials of sex crimes cases within six months of FIR registration. The Law mandatorily stipulates the completion of the investigation within a period of two months from the filing date of the FIR.
TOI had previously reported that data received by the Ministry of Justice from various higher courts revealed that there were at least 389 districts in the country where the number of pending cases under the POCSO Law only exceeded 100 each. Soon, the government allocated funds and issued notices to all HCs and states to immediately establish FTC in each of these districts.
The Justice Ministry has also designed an online format to replace manual data collection for the FTC for its monthly dashboard upload. Justice Department Secretary Barun Mitra has said that the ministry has written to the Registrars General of each of the HC to implement the same and replace the manual system.


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