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The two-day trial of the Covid vaccine concludes without problems: Ministry of Health


The Center’s two-day trial of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign on Monday and Tuesday in Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab and Gujarat concluded smoothly with minor setbacks being addressed, the Union Health Ministry said. The campaign is scheduled to start early next year.

The exercise mock was intended to conduct end-to-end testing of the Covid-19 vaccination process and included planning and preparations in accordance with operational guidelines. It involved the creation of facilities and users in the Co-WIN application, creation of session sites and site mapping, uploading data from healthcare workers, receiving vaccines and assigning vaccines, planning sessions, deploying teams of vaccination and logistics mobilization at the session sites.

A mock vaccination meeting and reporting and review meeting was also conducted at the block, district and state levels.

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“The goal of the dry run is also to undertake and confirm the field implementation of the IT Co-WIN platform and the way forward before the actual implementation. The district collectors, with the participation of the district and block working group, took responsibility for conducting the trial and were expected to provide information on any gaps or bottlenecks during the actual conduct of vaccination, ”the ministry said in a statement.

The test was completed in Krishna (Andhra Pradesh); Rajkot and Gandhinagar (Gujarat); Ludhiana and Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar (Punjab); Sonitpur and Nalbari (Assam).

The district administrations formed specific teams for various tasks. Activities such as the uploading of fictitious beneficiary data, the creation of session sites, the assignment of vaccines, the communication of vaccination details to vaccinators and beneficiaries, and mobilization of beneficiaries were carried out.

On Tuesday the field comments on the first day of the trial were also reviewed. “All states expressed satisfaction in terms of the operational approach and the use of the IT platform to ensure transparency and effective monitoring of vaccination processes that are expected to cover a large number of people across the country. Additional suggestions were also noted on the IT platform to further improve the Co-WIN platform, ”the ministry said.

He added detailed information and comments that, in this way, will help enrich the operational guidelines and IT platform and strengthen the Covid-19 vaccine implementation plan.

“With the support of the experience of implementing the Universal Immunization Program (UIP) and the implementation of multiple wide-range injectable vaccination campaigns at the national level, such as the campaign against measles-rubella (MR) and Japanese encephalitis in adults (EJ), the necessary measures are being taken to vaccinate the priority population, groups such as health workers, frontline workers, and people over 50 … “

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