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Over 500 Enroll in IIMK’s Executive MBA Program | India News


NEW DELHI: The Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode (IIMK) has seen a 40% increase in admissions to its Executive Graduate Program (EPGP) despite the challenges that emerged in 2020.
A diverse group of 501 candidates joined the 13th batch (EPGP 13), and 60 candidates from the second batch of the one-year full-time graduate program in business leadership (PGP-BL) also entered the main school portals. BS. Aparup Sengupta, founder and president of the AAJ Global Foundation, was the keynote guest at the induction ceremony. Hanish Yadav, an IIMK alumnus and partner at McKinsey & Company, joined the new group of students.
“The administration is indeed the most successful soft power in India. The three Ds, digitization, diversification and disruption, have shaped the IIMK philosophy of globalizing Indian thought and elevated India’s participation on the world stage by being a forerunner in ‘Thought Leadership’, ”said Debashis Chatterjee , director of the institute, during the inaugural speech.
EPGP, for working professionals, is a two-year master of management program, offered on an interactive learning (IL) platform, leading to an MBA degree. Times Professional Learning supported IIMK in enrolling the largest group of students.
The program is delivered through Times Professional Learning’s TSW executive education platform. The TSW platform will not only enable an online teaching and learning experience that is more effective for students and teachers, it will also help them continue to provide consistency and continuity in their online courses.
TSW (The Second Wind) aims to meet students’ aspirations, making education accessible through global innovations and collaborations. In 2001, IIMK was the first business school in Asia to pioneer IL programs for serving executives through satellite delivery systems.

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