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Gujarat BJP MP Mansukh Vasava Leaves Party | India News


BHARUCH: Gujarat BJP MP and former Union Minister Mansukh Vasava, who has spoken out on tribal issues, left the party on Tuesday and said he would resign from Lok Sabha in Parliament’s budget session.
Vasava had written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi last week requesting the withdrawal of a notification from the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change declaring 121 villages in the Narmada district as an eco-sensitive zone.
A six-term MP from Bharuch, Vasava in his letter to Gujarat BJP chairman CR Paatil, said: “I resign so that the party’s image is not damaged because of my mistakes. I have been a loyal worker of the party, so please forgive me.”
In the letter to Paatil dated December 28, Vasava said that he will resign as a Bharuch deputy after meeting with the Lok Sabha chairman during Parliament’s budget session.
Vasava said he tried his best to be loyal to the party and assimilate the party’s values ​​into his life, adding that he is human and prone to mistakes.
“Ultimately, I am a human being and humans tend to make mistakes. To ensure that the party does not suffer from my mistakes, I resign from the party, whose forgiveness I seek,” the tribal leader said in the letter to Paatil.
BJP spokesperson Bharat Pandya said the party received the resignation letter via social media.
“Paatil has spoken with him and has assured him that any problems he has will be solved. Vasava is a senior MP from Gujarat and we will solve all his problems,” Pandya said.

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